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I bought a Colorcube for my nine-year-old niece last Christmas thinking it would be fun for her to put together. I’ve been working more and more with color lately, so I borrowed it when I visited family over the weekend.

The end result is really nice, but putting it together was frustrating and finicky. The individual cubes come in two pieces and need to be snapped together hard.┬áThreading the rods through the model isn’t easy, either. I can see now why my niece never got around to assembling it. I’m more likely to recommend this as an office toy/reference for a graphic designer than as a gift for a child.

I’ve been trying to get more of a grasp on color composition for digital images and the three-dimensional representation this cube gives you (cyan in one dimension, magenta in another, and yellow for the third) is helping.

I also put together a quick two-dimensional Processing sketch to help visualize RGB components:

Processing logo -Color Explorer->

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