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Here is a new web-based sound project I have been working on:

First, I recorded myself whistling the same two notes for about a minute, three times, in three different places (a cafeteria, a park bench, and a busy street). I then asked friends to submit recordings of themselves whistling these same two notes. Thus far, there have been 26 submissions from 15 people.

The site is arranged so that you can listen to more than one of these files at a time, and this is what I find most interesting. Here’s an example of what that sounds like:


If you’re interested in participating, please send a recording of yourself whistling those two notes. There is information on how to do that here.

The project is turning out to be about a few things. Ambient sounds, intention and non-intention, collaboration and unity, etc. There are different people in different places all doing the same thing. I think playing around with and listening to this has tuned up my ears to my own aural environment. Very interesting to me is that after playing with the files for a while, I start to hear those two tones everywhere: in the wind, in traffic sounds, in electronic and mechanical hums.

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