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I use something like this for the beginning of a work day. I set it to launch (for example) iTunes, Mail, iChat, and iCal, and then hide everything except Mail.

I think it’s handy. I trigger it to run and then go get coffee and when I get back everything is where I want it to be. If your computer’s slow, probably increase the value in that line that says “delay 5″.

Very easily adaptable as you’ll see if you open it in Script Editor.

launch basic work apps

June 6, 2009

You realize that to do the same thing in Java it would take 523 lines of code.

Therefore, Java is obviously superior because you get so much more enjoyment out of writing more lines of annoying, bloated code…or something!?


June 7, 2009

One solution I’ve come up with to solve this problem is to include a couple of Icelandic Sagas and just comment them out in order to increase my efficiency in a similar way.

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